Refund Policy


Helper Guarantee (Return Policy) If you purchase a Helper product and are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a product price refund within thirty (30) days from purchase date though our Customer Service Desk by one of the following methods:

Phone: Call 1-888-312-6332 / 1-605-270-5020 Monday-Friday, between 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET to speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives. Or email us at or visit and fill out a form. Provide us with the required information. Do not forget to include “Helper Guarantee” in the Comment area while fielding in the form and then submit the email.

Offer valid in the United States and Canada, including territories and possessions. Must be the actual purchaser of the qualifying product. Allow 2 / 3 weeks or 21 days following receipt of all required documentation for the full refund in the original payment method. Only original UPCs and receipts will be accepted. Copies of UPCs and receipts obtained through unauthorized means or illegitimate channels will be void. UPCs and receipts can not be sold, traded, auctioned, or bartered; all of which will be void. Duplicate requests and requests from resellers, dealers/distributors, their employees or warehouse facilities, groups, clubs, or organizations will be void. All requests become the property of The Helper24 Company and will not be returned. Keep a copy of all documentation, as proof of mailing without a purchase receipt and UPCs receipt will be void. Offer is void where tax is prohibited or restricted by law. Fraudulent submission could result in prosecution, under mail fraud, and other applicable rules and regulations. The Helper24 Company reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer any time. For questions, call 1-888-312-6332 / 1-605-270-5020


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